Connociam inaugurates new offices after the merge with Ignite

Connociam inaugurates new offices after the merge with Ignite.

Connociam has inaugurated its new offices in the centre of Barcelona, which feature a co-creation space, following the merge with Ignite.


Two years ago, Connociam Consulting and Ignite Technologies signed a strategic alliance to develop projects that integrate the expertise of both teams. After two years of close collaboration the two companies decided to take a step further in their integration and to consolidate all their range of services within the structure of Connociam Consulting.


This merge is another step in the development and consolidation of the Connociam project, which now features a range of services divided up into 4 areas:

  1. Understanding customers, prescribers, users and consumers better and incorporating their experiences, needs and insights into business decisions
  2. Helping to define and specify the business or brand strategy in order to render it more operational and take better decisions on complex and innovation issues
  3. Accompanying the teams in order to build a more innovative and customer centered culture and business operations.
  4. Fostering awareness through workshops and inspiring experiences presented by the Connociam senior team

Beyond the scope of each of these areas, the Connociam team’s real strength lies in hybridizing and connecting this expertise so as to address complex business challenges.


Connociam began its operations in 2009 with a small team very much focused on consultancy in innovation and new concepts development.  Connociam’s vocation has always been to connect senior talent relevant to developing innovation projects, and to offer clear, simple pragmatic consultancy providing actionable solutions. A range of services conceived from the very start as “the type of consultancy we ourselves would have liked to have had as managers”.In fact, many of the members of the Connociam team have held managerial posts in prominent multinational companies.


Connociam has inaugurated new offices which feature a specific space for holding workshops, focus groups and for co-creation


After the effective integration of Ignite, Connociam has inaugurated new offices located in the centre of Barcelona which provide a specific space for holding workshops, Focus Groups and qualitative research as well as co-creation and Design Thinking workshops. Coinciding with the inauguration of its new offices, Connociam invited many of its collaborators, partners and friends to celebrate the consultancy’s successful trajectory.


Over these years Connociam has grown, opened new offices and extended its areas of expertise to come up with solutions to more complex and increasingly bigger challenges both on a national and international level.  And it has always done so whilst maintaining the close, multidisciplinary and lean spirit that characterizes its projects.


The Connociam team helps organisations to find solutions to complex business challenges by connecting expertise in a lean fashion in order to draw up and implement actionable customer centered strategies


At Connociam we know, connect, co-create and accompany in value creation.


The Connociam team, from “the new offices”.



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En Connociam ayudamos las organizaciones a solucionar retos complejos de negocio mediante la definición e implementación de estrategias centradas en el cliente. Entendemos el cliente, definimos la mejor solución estratégica y acompañamos al equipo para asegurar la consecución de los mejores resultados. Proporcionamos soluciones a preguntas estratégicas de negocio, marketing, innovación y ventas de forma práctica, centrada en el cliente y orientada a resultados. Connociam, conocemos, conectamos, cocreamos y acompañamos en la creación de valor. At Connociam, we help organizations solve complex business challenges by defining and implementing customer centric strategies. We understand the client, we define the best strategic solution and we guide the team to ensure the achievement of the best results. We provide solutions to strategic questions of business, marketing, innovation and sales in a practical way, focused on the client and oriented to results. Connociam, we know, we connect, we co-create and we accompany in the creation of value.