who is connociam


Connociam’s leading team have relevant professional careers in Market Research, Innovation, Marketing and Sales fields


Business & Marketing Strategy. Founder

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Market Research & Cocreation Lead

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Shopper Marketing & Trade Lead

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People-Centered Innovation Lead

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SME Management Lead

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Experience is a must and it requires specialization. On the other side, combining different profiles and organizing multidisciplinary teams is essential to innovation and modern management. We define ad-hoc teams that blend the expertise you need for your project. Their visions continuously feed on and enrich each other. Our team members combine a variety of expertise and background (marketing, sales, innovation, trade, strategy, design, digital, research…) together with a unique ability to interact with different profiles. We are used to mix finance profiles with engineers, creatives or designers and have them work effectively for your project.


In 2009, Xavier Lesauvage founded Connociam with a team of former executives and consultants to provide practical and actionable responses to growth projects. Our extensive experience in similar positions to yours and our network of experts, allow us to bring you a relevant and complementary perspective to address your strategic challenges. We will not send you an army of juniors to simply dress-up your own words in presentations. From our experience, we understand the context and are able to bring value quickly.


We are based in Barcelona, a popular city for both living and visiting. Some of us are Spanish, but we know that innovation in Europe today is about blending cultures and nationalities. This is why we might have different nationalities working in your projects.