Co-creation and co-design

Co-creation is an effective tool for designing solutions together WITH customers.


By using the co-creation we create new solutions working together with your clients, some disruptive profiles, experts in the field and with designers through a unique approach to develop and iterate novel and actionable solutions.

Nowadays the understanding of the client is key and is realized through different techniques in the field of Market research. Although on many occasions, it is no longer enough to “only” understand the client and to be customer centric. It becomes necessary to create together with the client to ensure that what we offer is really useful and is quickly defined.
The co-creation allows developing new proposals of business, brand, product or service of joint form and dynamic with the client. There are different techniques that allow this, although the most commonly used is to organize working sessions (co-creation sessions or workshops). We know that Co-Design or Co-Design workshops are an effective way to develop and refine brand positioning, new concepts, new rituals and prototypes of products or services that are perfectly applicable to various industries and countries.

Duly facilitated by the team of Connociam, the team manages to articulate solutions quickly and accurately. During the sessions, different techniques (i.e. projective techniques, creative techniques, lateral thinking…) are used or combined to solve the business challenges posed.

Today, co-creation is a very applied methodology in different sectors by many companies. Although it is known, in some cases it is confused with the Focus Group or the classic qualitative techniques. Co-creation differs from the Focus Group in that it works together with the participants in solving a challenge or in the validation and construction of a solution. It has a less exploratory approach, and is more like a creative or strategic workshop where participants pool their points and build solutions.

Our clients use co-creation to solve different types of business challenges. Some of the most outstanding are:

• The generation of new brand territories
• The development or validation of new concepts of products or services
• To refine and detail service or product prototypes
• To refine innovative concepts, both disruptive or continuous
• To develop and validate new consumption rituals
• To refine strategic marketing actions for very specific professional targets such as physician, lawyers, etc…

Co-creation and Co-design with Connociam | Co-creación y co-diseño con Connociam
Co-creation and Co-design with Connociam | Co-creación y co-diseño con Connociam
Co-creation and Co-design with Connociam | Co-creación y co-diseño con Connociam