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Corporate and Innovation


Make innovation part of the DNA of your organization.

Define a purpose and learn how to evolve your innovation efforts based on the results achieved.

Maturity Diagnosis

We analyze the state of innovation, both at the management level and at the innovation culture of your organization.

Strategic models

We define the strategy, objectives, knowledge management, processes and specific methodologies to generate a strategic impact change.

Action plan

We plan and define the corporate innovation initiatives to be implemented in your organization, in an agile way and focused on results.

Activation of initiatives

We design and implement corporate innovation initiatives to meet your specific needs.

Strategic foresight

Creation of future scenarios and strategies as a disruptive method of innovation.

Dashboards and metrics

We analyze the data and provide you with metrics to evaluate the success and impact of the innovation.

Skills training

We train your key stakeholders to empower them and turn them into agents of innovation.

New business models

We identify opportunities in the market to generate new disruptive lines of business for your organization.


Trend and user research

Corporate and Innovation Strategy

Digitalization of the innovation

Drive Open innovation

Create an innovative brand

Social and sustainable innovation

We know, we connect, we cocreate

and accompany in value creation

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Sant Pau Recinte Modernista Barcelona. Pabellón Sant Manel. Despacho 0.4
C/Sant Antoni María Claret 167
08025 Barcelona

+34 934 155 222

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