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Implementing a model

of commercial excellence

Commercial transformation and omnichannel

We accompany commercial teams in redesigning and optimizing their operations, seeking excellence and a customer orientation to accelerate the growth and transformation of their organizations.

The strategy constitutes one half of excellence. The other half is executing it adequately No matter how good the business, innovation or marketing strategy may be, the organization will not easily achieve success and growth unless it attains suitable commercial excellence.

Some clients ask us: How can we or should we change the business strategy with the changes in our environment and Digital Transformation? How can we develop a more customer-centered or sell-out model? How can we develop a particular channel? Or simply, how can we guarantee excellent commercial execution? … And excellent commercial execution that is sell-out or customer-centered is by no means the result of coincidence. It needs to be designed and planned.

In order to obtain the expected results in a Commercial Transformation process one needs to adequately manage all the ingredients of the Excellence Model in Point of Sale Management. We help you to integrate shopper insights, the category vision, the channel strategy, execution standards and sales visits, with follow-up and the commercial management model in a holistic, integrated and effective way, thanks to our experience as managers in large companies and as consultants in different categories and fields.

Understanding and activating insights

Capturing innovation opportunities

Adapting the business to the digital age

Implementing a commercial excellence model

Inspiring and dynamizing teams

Developing an innovation culture

We know, we connect, we cocreate

and accompany in value creation

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