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Open innovation

Identify both internal and external agents with whom you can collaborate to help drive your innovation results.

Determine the internal and external agents that will drive your innovation outcomes. Prioritize and develop a value proposition. Be open to collaborative innovation.

Co-creation programs

We promote collaboration with your stakeholders to jointly design new solutions that provide them with added value.

Intrapreneurship programs

We encourage and encourage the participation of internal talent in your organization, generating a high impact on the business.

Innovation ecosystems

We promote collaboration with other organizations to generate synergies and jointly develop high-impact projects.

Open Innovation Platforms

We open your R&D to the world to find solutions that speed up the development of your products, saving time and money.

Corporate venturing

We promote collaboration with startups that are revolutionizing your sector.

Trend and user research

Corporate and Innovation Strategy

Digitalization of the innovation

Drive Open innovation

Create an innovative brand

Social and sustainable innovation

We know, we connect, we cocreate

and accompany in value creation

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Sant Pau Recinte Modernista Barcelona. Pabellón Sant Manel. Despacho 0.4
C/Sant Antoni María Claret 167
08025 Barcelona

+34 934 155 222

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