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Will Amazon Dash break through the current Food & Beverages retail model? This is the question that is currently on the minds of many food manufacturers and retailers who are beginning to look for new strategies to preserve their business. Are their concerns justified? Well, when you look at the Amazon Dash video you can’t help feeling they may be right!

Amazon Dash is Amazon’s latest project. And this is not just a new product or a line extension that the company is promoting. It really is a new business model approach which will allow Amazon entry into a new market.


Amazon Dash has constructed a differentiated approach and model which will deliver fresh and packaged food directly into the home, leveraging both in-company strengths and in-shopper insights.


Amazon Dash

Amazon Dash scan and button

This isn’t just about a new supermarket webpage designed to compete with those of other supermarkets. Amazon Dash integrates consumer needs in a convenient and differential way by making a shopping list easy, convenient and natural. Since the product is delivered at home, it is the shopping experience that really is the key. For example, shopping in front of a computer screen is not quite as natural as using a trusty pencil to jot down what you need. And what is really useful is being able to make a note of what you are running out of and need to buy when you notice it. Amazon Dash understands all these shopper insights which helps it to provide a more user-friendly online shopping experience.


Amazon Dash is one more example of how digital disruption is able to influence an entire industry sector. While also being a very good example how to apply IOT in a convenient way for everyday consumer needs. All this is not simply about a new player or a new gadget. Amazon Dash is a new business model anchored in real customer needs and understanding…


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