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We inspire and energize teams

to solve business challenges

We provide remote workshops to accompany your team in any kind of challenge, whether it is strategic, logistics, HR, marketing, innovation, sales, etc., using ad hoc methodologies and digital tools

Workshops that adapt to current needs

Some face-to-face or online work meetings become endless discussions with no actionable results.

With our structured and tailor-made approach of online workshops, we help you to obtain clear and defined solutions. We design an ad-hoc methodology focused on solving your challenge, and we work with online tools to facilitate the interaction of remote teams, ensuring a creative openness in a fast and agile way.

1. We Connect 

the members of the work team through the videoconferencing platform preferred by the client, (i.e. Teams, Zoom, …), either through telephone or computer apps.

2.We provide workshops

to teams remotely, through an online platform that works as a whiteboard, which allows us to brainstorm, work on formats made ad-hoc (i.e. Canvas), prototype, vote, prioritize, etc. during the video conference.

3. We present

the results of the work done remotely, organizing a presentation with the necessary resources to be able to meet the objectives set, after the workshop.

Flexible methodology, designed ad hoc for each project, in an online format:

1. Define objectives | challenges

We agree on the focus of the workshop and expected output with the client

2. Define methodology

We design the tools (we agree on groups and platform) and exercises necessary to achieve the initially defined objectives

3. Making the workshop dynamic

We ensure the involvement of the participants, connected to online platforms remotely, and their value contribution

4. Actionable output

We deliver actionable conclusions of the session in the format desired by the client: Word | Power Point | client’s platform | Excel | video

This methodological approach also inspires our D-creation


Some Projects

Definition of the innovation monitoring model

With the team-members of the project (located in different European cities) we worked on the elements and KPIs that allowed to measure the evolution and success of an innovation project.

Prior to the workshop, there was a preparation to align the participants, and during the session several exercises were worked between two groups to define concrete proposals.

New corporate positioning

We worked with the different teams of a pharmaceutical laboratory in the generation of a positioning relevant to the different customer profiles and business areas.

During two online workshops, the background and insights of the client were discussed and, later, the proposal was developed through strategic exercises that guided the process.

Construction of the user journey for the improvement of the UX

For an international medical devices company, we carried out a series of workshops where we worked on the user journeys of the stakeholders involved in the post-sale, identifying pain points and opportunities for improvement of the UX.

New value proposition

We held a workshop with an insurance company involving different areas, to share, discuss and refine the value proposal of the new service platform with the client, designed to improve their well-being.


New product ideas

We held a workshop for a spirit beverage company to define new products, services, and brand initiatives as part of an innovation project.

Different departments of the company participated together with external experts who worked in a structured way on different product categories and innovation points.

New Route to Market

We helped a leading global food company to review the RTM of a brand in its portfolio through a workshop with different international participants who contributed with their know-how.

We prepared a process divided into three stages to end up defining the best RTM strategy for the brand.

New Category Vision

We worked with the Shopper, Sales and Marketing teams of a world leading food and beverage company to build the new Category Vision of two of their brands and the commercial story telling for the Spanish market.

In the workshop, the teams built the different elements of the Category Vision of both brands following a canvas with a structured process that helped to define joint proposals between Sales, Shopper and Marketing.

Why us

With you and for you.

We are a senior multidisciplinary team with longstanding expertise and the ability to organize a specialized team that fits the specificities of the project/challenge.

We customize each project and we (the senior team) get directly involved in the project.

We understand your user

At Connociam we have for years been working on an approach to each project based on the Customer Centric concept.

We have acquired extensive experience in working on insights and understanding users: what they think, what they do and why they do it, as well as their sociocultural environment, and this is the basis of all UX strategy projects, knowing the user and building around their needs.

We offer our expertise

We have worked on several projects in diverse sectors, from physical projects in retail right up to numerous digital projects in the healthcare, technology and financial sectors


Where you can find us

We work from the center of Barcelona but we will be more than happy to visit you where you ask us to.
Carrer de Balmes, 184, 08006 Barcelona
+34 934 155 222

We will help you with your business challenges!

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