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Strategic Sprint

The agile way to react

to environment changes

We help you review and define your strategy and turn it into a structured, fast and effective action plan in one week.

Who said the strategy was tedious, time-consuming, expensive and complex?

Lengthy strategic planning processes are not always necessary. The strategy now changes regularly and must adapt to changes and disruptions in the environment. It is necessary to define agile ways of reviewing and adapting it that involve key decision-makers without wasting too much time.

The Strategic Sprint is an accelerated program that is tailor-made for your company. It helps your organization’s leaders to define actionable strategic priorities and opportunities that generate impactful results.

De forma ágil, a la vez que estructurada, realizamos una revisión personalizada de tu estrategia, involucrando a los stakeholders clave de tu organización. Nuestra aproximación permite obtener resultados claros identificando nuevas oportunidades de negocio y crecimiento que aportan valor a tu negocio.

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What does a Strategic Sprint bring to you?

  • Define a plan in a few days. You will be able to react quickly to changes in your business and define a new strategy with its action plan.


  • Implement the strategy. You will define how to move forward and deploy the plan in a concrete, orderly and effective way. You will get things done, and if you want, we can accompany and advise you on its implementation.
  • Align the management team quickly. Involve managers and key decision players in your organization in the decision process to ensure alignment.


  • Simplify your plan. Define a simple and easy-to-understand strategic plan for the different levels of the organization.
  • Customize your strategy. Develop a plan tailored to your challenges, needs and circumstances. Every organization is unique, and so is every program.


  • Establish follow-up metrics. Define indicators or KPIs that allow you to follow the development and fulfilment of the plan in your quarterly reviews.

How does it work?

It is a program structured in 4 blocks where we cover:


Initial analysis

At the beginning of the process, we define the details of the program, who to involve and the initial analysis.


Identification of key success factors

We hold a working session to share the results of the analysis.


Definition of strategic initiatives

After identifying the most relevant challenges, we work on how we want to respond to them effectively


Concretization in lines of action

Agree on the lines of action for each initiative.

Thanks to our experience combining tools such as SWOT, OGSM, Scorecard and OKS operationally and simply, we propose an ad-hoc methodology according to the size, type of company and its own internal strategic process. We organize it in a way it can be carried out in a few days and with a limited number of dynamic workshops (on-line or face-to-face) that involve the team and allow them to reflect in an agile, concrete and effective way.

The result is an action plan that links the strategic objectives with the business actions and the KPIs, allowing the management team to follow up on their fulfilment regularly and easily.

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Some Projects

New opportunities for a manufacturer in the energy sector

We helped a manufacturer of heavy machinery for the power sector to understand the business trends and technological options of digitalization, and we worked the opportunities with a group of experts in the different fields involved defining different opportunities in less than two months.

Review of strategic business priorities for a distributor

We helped a distribution company to carry out a strategic reflection on its evolution and strategy, actively involving all the members of the Board. We manage to align the lines of action and define how to carry out and monitor its further development.

Review and concretization of the strategy of a technology center

We advised a technology centre in its strategic thinking. We started by defining its strategic identity to help to balance between its scientific and technological capabilities with its market orientation and customer service orientation. Finally, we organize and prioritize the initiatives in a road-map and an action plan.

Food business strategy review

We helped a leading global food company to review its strategy for the Spanish market, with a special focus on reviewing the Route-To-Market of its brands, arranging the role of the brands and their portfolio by channels and consumption occasions, and identifying innovation initiatives that resulted in an action plan.

Where you can find us

We work from the center of Barcelona but we will be more than happy to visit you where you ask us to.

Sant Pau Recinte Modernista Barcelona. Pabellón Sant Manel. Despacho 0A.2
C/Sant Antoni María Claret 167
08025 Barcelona
+34 934 155 222

We will help you with your business challenges!

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