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Key OTC pharma innovation trends shaping the industry.

This scouting report shares Connociam’s insights and point of view on the main OTC pharma innovation trends. We have analyzed innovation drivers related to treatments, format, lifestyle and extended offering, and their prevalence across main OTC pharma categories.

In this report you will find interesting examples illustrating most of the relevant OTC pharma innovation trends in four key main categories: Analgesics, Cold & Allergy, Gastrointestinal, and Vitamins, minerals & supplements.

Each scouting page detailing OTC pharma innovation trends is easy to follow and shows clear examples, as you can see below, featuring the most relevant and inspiring cases. Links to direct references and questions to trigger your inspiration are also included.

19 OTC pharma innovation trends are described. These are grouped into four areas: treatment based, format based, lifestyle based and extended offering.

The document was designed to be used as a working paper and can be circulated around allowing teams to use examples to trigger their inspiration and to foster innovation initiatives.

More specifically, the information contained on the OTC Pharma innovation trends serves as a very good basis for internal inspiration and will help to keep teams updated on the OTC world. Furthermore, it can also be used in ideation exercises on products and services, brand and communication and even new business models. It also constitutes a valuable input in co-creation sessions.
Just to give you a taste, we can highlight various conclusions from this edition of OTC pharma innovation trends:

• Product development designed to address different needs and segments throughout the ailment and treatment spectrums is still very relevant, together with “one-stop solutions” that act upon several symptoms and convenience in a broad sense
• There is an opportunity for differentiation through sensorial and more appealing features and formats across categories
• We see developments addressing the needs of large demographic segments, such as women or children, by adapting treatment to their specific needs, as well as all other product features
• The boundaries between pharma treatments and food supplements are disappearing, especially when it comes to more natural and safer solutions. This is becoming a challenge for the industry and entails a stronger need to achieve better brand development
• There are interesting developments “beyond-the-pill” to treat ailments with gadgets or thought digital apps; quite often these come from companies that are new players in the Pharma industry. Only a few well-known OTC players have released interesting gadget solutions that supplement their traditional portfolios with a really holistic or integrated approach

In general, we can say, the challenge that has arisen due to the appearance of new players from the food supplement and medical devices categories, is forcing OTC companies to seek out increasingly relevant developments and build stronger brand propositions.

Connociam helps clients to develop actionable strategy projects in sales, marketing and innovation.

This report includes innovations from brands such as 4head, Advil, Aleve, Aktren, Alka-Seltzer, Allegra, Bayer Aspirin, Beano, Benadryl, Bene-fiber, Buscopan, Calpol, Caltrate, Centrum, Citracal, Contac, Covonia, Deep Heat, Dolormin, Dramamine, Dulcolax, Emergen-C, Excedrin, Ex-lax, Gaviscon, Hydrasense, Ice Gel, Iberogast, Imodium, Lactaid, Laxettes, Lemsip, Lolleez, Meta-Mucil, Mira-lax, Movicol, Mucinex, Mylanta, Nexium, Nurofen, NyQuil, One-a-day, Panadol, Pepcid, Pepto-Bismol, Preparation H, Redoxon, Rennie, Rolaids, RubaX, Salonpas, Senocalm, Senokot, Seven Seas, Strepsils, Sinex, Supradyn, Theraflu, ThermaCare, Tylenol, Tums, Vaporub, Voltaflex, Voltaren, Zantac and Zyrtec.

Download the OTC pharma innovation trends report here

The Connociam team.

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