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The changes in the environment are bringing about digital transformation in many companies. And the cornerstone is understanding what the needs of customers are, how they evolve and what are their pain points. The technology then comes up solutions geared to resolving these points.

It isn’t a matter of “automatizing” an existing process through digital resources. You need to understand customers’ needs and restructure the entire process from their point of view, needs and motivations, seeking out new solutions.

In order to successfully accomplish a digital transformation process one needs to start off from the user-journey, to understand the technology options, and co-create the solutions with users. This approach to digitalization enables you to generate new proposals and bring about true transformations, not mere extensions of old habits.

Nowadays, in order to come closer to these customer needs, more and more companies are choosing to work on their digital transformation using an open Corporate Entrepreneurship, Living lab or ecosystem strategy formula, thus taking advantage of the intense upsurge in entrepreneurial initiatives and start-ups around us. The challenge in this case is to ensure that the ecosystem has a positive impact on the business beyond that of mere exploration or its use as a knowledge or communication tool.

We know how to design and manage a relevant ecosystem for your organization, how to dynamize a living lab and develop an effective hackathon, or to work with startups.

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