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We solve your business challenges

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A new agile and efficacious way to implement the Cocreation methodology remotely, using digital resources with creative results that effectively address concrete challenges.

Cocreation: an effective multidisciplinary approach for your challenges

– Now in digital –

In the development of an innovation project cocreation allows us to address the solution to challenges from a focused, creative and multidisciplinary approach, engaging key stakeholders in the design of the solution.. This is the best way to move ahead in an agile and effective manner, avoiding repetitive proposals that are of little use to the business.

D-co-creation generates solutions that are focused and implementable. It achieves it by combining customer – user, consumer, patient or prescriber insights with the existing knowhow of key stakeholders, thanks to specific techniques that the Connociam team has perfected over recent years, and now we carry out 100% on-line.

1. We connect

the members of the work team through the video conferencing platform preferred by the client, (eg Teams, Zoom, …), either through phone or computer apps.

2. We facilitate

workshops to remote teams, through an online platform that works as a whiteboard, which allows us to brainstorm, work on ad-hoc formats (eg Canvas), prototype, vote, prioritize, etc. during the video conference.

3. We present

the results of the work remotely, organizing a presentation with the necessary resources to be able to meet the established objectives, after the workshop.

Flexible methodology, designed ad hoc for each project, in online format:

1. Customization

We work with graphic materials created especially for each project based on our findings from the research or immersion phases with the brand.

2. Methodology mix

We work with different methodologies depending on each project; From Design Thinking to projective techniques, lateral or gaming thinking and creativity techniques that help us obtain the best results in each workshop, now designed for the online environment.

3. Operational outputs

We compile our hand-out materials to cover all the tactical and strategic aspects, and thus facilitate the solving of the customer’s challenge. We incorporate infographics generating documents visually attractive and easy to understand.

4. Multidisciplinary work team

The basis of the co-creation is the work team.We energize teams that combine the knowledge of brand managers with expert profiles -who are capable of bringing a new disruptive vision to the project-,and clients or users, from the first moment. All this can be using a 100% online tools.

Some Projects

Coming up with a new value proposition for a pharmaceutical laboratory

We worked with an international laboratory to create a new value proposition for one of its basic business areas

We undertook an internal analysis of the background and customer insights and, based on this, we carried out an online Cocreation with different stakeholders.

Coming up with ideas for inhouse communication in an international chemical company

We worked with an international chemical company to generate ideas to help them to improve their inhouse communication, to reinforce the sense of belonging and team motivation.

To do this we carried out 2 online Cocreations which enabled us to work on our set objectives.

The pharmacy of the future

We started out with research and scouting of the sector and the channel in order to implement an online Cocreation geared to creating value territories. Based on this we worked on visualising the pharmacy of the future as a place for buying and selling, detailing different elements of its scenario.

Why us

With you and for you.

We are a senior multidisciplinary team with longstanding expertise and the ability to organize a specialized team that fits the specificities of the project/challenge.

We customize each project and we (the senior team) get directly involved in the project.

We understand your user

At Connociam we have for years been working on an approach to each project based on the Customer Centric concept.

We have acquired extensive experience in working on insights and understanding users: what they think, what they do and why they do it, as well as their sociocultural environment, and this is the basis of all UX strategy projects, knowing the user and building around their needs.

We offer our expertise

We have worked on several projects in diverse sectors, from physical projects in retail right up to numerous digital projects in the healthcare, technology and financial sectors


Where you can find us

We work from the center of Barcelona but we will be more than happy to visit you where you ask us to.

Carrer de Balmes, 184, 08006 Barcelona
+34 934 155 222

We will help you with your business challenges!

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