Ferran Agúndez


Outstanding executive and consultant with extensive experience advising industrial companies on organization and growth related challenges. He is an expert and coacher in Innovation, Management and Organization, and leader of the Practice of Business Strategy for SMEs.

Ferran started his professional career at PricewaterhouseCoopers working in the financial area. Ferran has also held various positions in industrial companies for 20+ years, managing operations and sales teams, essentially oriented to the development of projects and sales channels.

Since 2013, Ferran has combined experience with passion to perform an innovative training, Judo management, based on the judo principles: maximum efficiency with minimum effort and mutual benefit and welfare, for work and life. The Judo founder, Jigogro Kano, explained that judo means first giving way in order to ultimately gain the victory.

Lecturer in Universidad Andrés Bello (Chile), Fundació Bosch i Gimpera (Universitat Barcelona) and others, Ferran also takes part in change programs for the organization across innovation and leadership.