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The user experience, which in this age must be based on Omnichannel, is a key part to building a relationship of trust between a brand and its customers.

UX: The key to creating a relationship with your users


For new projects as well as for existing projects that are not bringing in the expected results, optimizing the user experience in every channel – omnichannel – is essential for your brand can meet its sales targets.

Working on the UX strategy enables us to create clean, simple, intuitive, flexible and attractive designs which generate memorable experiences in all the channels.

The design of a user experience is a process in four phases, which we can either work on as an entire process or simply focus on one of the phases. This can be done either presentially or online.

1. Understand & research

We start off with a concrete challenge that can be solved using UX design. First of all we need to understand the context or problem in order to provide solutions. Research is the key basic step for this.

Understanding the user, how they live their relationship with the product or service constitutes the foundation for designing the experience.


People | Empathy map | Customer Journey | Stakeholders map

2. Prototyping

Before working on the ideas in depth we need to be able to test them out with users. We create sketches on paper and flow charts which enable us to carry out use tests to find out whether the experience lives up to the user’s expectations.


Sketches | Block wire | Wireframes | Hi-fi interfaces | Models | Prototypes

3. Designing

We create the design of the interactions and the visual design as well. Always in accordance with the user’s needs and totally adapted to the brand positioning whilst at the same time optimizing each point of contact so that the experience is what it is expected to be.


High quality images | Design specifications | Icons

4. Evaluation

The project does not end with the design implementation. We need to evaluate in order to find out whether it is easy to use and whether it delivers the solution to the user’s problems.

On many occasions a project needs various interactions from step 2 to step 4.


User comments | UX audit reports | Marked areas where improvement is needed

Some Projects

Services website

We worked on improving a brand’s website which intermediates between selected automotion workshops and users, with a double objective:

  • To make the page more user-friendly with more clearly defined services that are more readily identifiable.
  • To improve the brand experience, making the added value it contributes more evident.

We delivered a comprehensive redesign of the home page as well as the landing pages of each of the services, with a new navigation system and a look and feel more in keeping with the brand.


Customer care software

We accompanied a leading IVD manufacturer in the development and implementation of their new customer care software:

  • Research into needs and pain points
  • UJ development for each stakeholder
  • Construction of for 4 use cases for the prototype
  • Initial software evaluation

We came up with recommendations for improving the experience of the different users during the customer care service.


Port de Palma

Palma Port required a system to help it manage the arrival on mass of cruise ship passengers, which generates a flow of visitors that is hard for the city to absorb.

We collaborated in developing an application along with other local institutions. An App that guides cruise ship passengers during their visit to Palma in a personalized fashion thus improving their experiences and, in addition to this, helping to reduce agglomerations.

Upgrading of a digital subscription service

We carried out qualitative research for a leading technology firm to understand its users’ perceptions and experiences during the trial of a new service based on a demo with potential users.

We delivered recommendations for improving the service taking into account identified pain points, user perceptions and opinions.


Health App

We implemented the Understand & research as well as the Prototyping phase for the development of a customised digital solution that helps users to improve their wellbeing, for a leading medical insurance firm.

As a result of this project we delivered:

  • An analysis of the brand ecosystem
  • Scouting
  • The development of an initial prototype



Store model

In a fashion retail company we analyzed 3 store models (physical space) that have different sales behaviors.

We used a qualitative and semiotic methodology

  • Focus groups and accompanied purchases in the stores. Insights, store experience, appraisal, degree of satisfaction and connection with the brand DNA and the remaining marketing mix elements
  • Semiotics: analysis of the symbolic values of each store model. Alignment with the communication objectives. Analysis of the customer journeys, decoration, the overall space as well as specific sections in detail.

We delivered a comparative analysis of the 3 store models and a briefing for constructing the ideal model.


Model of the Cinema of the future

We helped to design the model of the cinema of the future for a frontline distributor in the cinema world, which differentiates them and enhances their user experience.

  • Comprehension of the user journey in different targets. Focus Groups and interviews in the company’s own cinemas and those of competitors throughout Spain. Appraisal of the user experience in the pre/during/post viewing stages
  • Analysis of the brand’s and competitors’ symbolic values. Alignment with the communication objectives. Analysis of the journeys, the decoration, of the space as a whole and in detail.
  • Co-Creation with users, customers and disruptive profiles of an ideal cinema space. Implementation of Design Thinking methodologies


Software for strategic management

We collaborated with the technology providers of a banking corporation in researching and defining the design criteria and user experience of a software/balanced scorecard for strategic management.


  • Research with key users and stakeholders in order to identify the software’s main design and usability requirements
  • • Definition of the design and usability requirements for the software
  • Conceptualization and design of the platform’s graphic user interface
  • The development of a pilot for validation
  • Usability study

Digital banking service

We collaborated in the transformation of a traditional presential B2B banking service into a new entirely digitalized service experience.

  • Survey of users and stakeholders to identify their perception of the traditional service and the potential points for improvement for the digital service
  • Definition of the new service’s User Journey
  • Co-creation workshop with users to concretize possible service use experiences into basic prototypes
  • Definition of the design and usability requirements


Why us

With you and for you.

We are a senior multidisciplinary team with longstanding expertise and the ability to organize a specialized team that fits the specificities of the project/challenge.

We customize each project and we (the senior team) get directly involved in the project.

We understand your user

At Connociam we have for years been working on an approach to each project based on the Customer Centric concept.

We have acquired extensive experience in working on insights and understanding users: what they think, what they do and why they do it, as well as their sociocultural environment, and this is the basis of all UX strategy projects, knowing the user and building around their needs.

We offer our expertise

We have worked on several projects in diverse sectors, from physical projects in retail right up to numerous digital projects in the healthcare, technology and financial sectors which gives us the necessary knowledge to develop omnichannel projects.


Where you can find us

We work from the center of Barcelona but we will be more than happy to visit you where you ask us to.

Sant Pau Recinte Modernista Barcelona. Pabellón Sant Manel. Despacho 0.4
C/Sant Antoni María Claret 167
08025 Barcelona
+34 934 155 222

We will help you with your business challenges!

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