Understand the opportunity

Understanding the customer and identifying their insights is key to ensure a profitable brand and business management. Therefore, obtaining adequate insights from our customers through research has a strategic value:

  • To understand emotional and deep customer perception on a concrete brand or business proposition
  • As an essential factor to ensure the success of brands and their emotional link with the user
  • como factor esencial para garantizar el éxito de las marcas y su vinculación emocional con el usuario
  • As a base for a real Customer Centric approach
  • As a lever to generate transformation and innovation
  • To achieve the total connection of the brand proposal to the customer or consumer

Discerning, understanding and following the consumer is key. Customer centricity and understanding is crucial to develop right strategies. Today, our customers are in evolution and in continuous change, they live several angles, surrounded by an uncertain environment and are over saturated of stimuli. With all this, they continue to have needs, desires and expectations. If we are able to understand and interpreted them properly, they are ideal for creating strong ties with brands.

Therefore, at Connociam, we have a wide research experience to understand customers, buyers, users and consumers, both in B2C and B2B environments, which we adapt according to the challenge to be covered using research. We help solve strategy, marketing, shopper or branding challenges through the following methodologies:

  • Scouting & Benchmark of markets to scan trends and identify successful and inspiring cases for project
  • Standard Focus Group and confrontation Focus Group. Possibility of traditional monitoring or “transparent vision”
  • In-depth interviews; interviews on couch
  • Ethnography: different techniques such as observation, interview or diaries of life with professional audio-visual output
  • Customer / Shopper Journey & Exploration: complete view of the customer’s purchase process, semiotic and qualitative decoding in the point of sale interaction
  • Brand dialogues: group sessions whose participants are the consumers and the brand; allows the activation levers to emerge, as well as work and eliminate the barriers of linking between brand and consumer
  • Brand True Stories: creating stories for the digital environment