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Sanofi Health-U 2019: innovation through Corporate Entrepreneurship

Sanofi CHC and start-up participants at the Health U 2019 hackathon held at the Barcelona Health Hub located inside the Sant Pau art-nouveau complex. Startups are in vogue and they constitute an important source of growth. As Xavier Ferràs explains in his publication on his Innovación 6.0 blog, opportunities are not always born organically from

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Managing innovation with startups to generate real business impact

Managing innovation with startups to generate real business impact   How to build a successful corporate entrepreneurship or ecosystem driven strategy making sure you generate real value for your business.   Corporate Entrepreneurship and Ecosystem innovation strategies are currently witnessing significant developments in strategy and innovation management. According to some experts this is a must,

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Key OTC pharma innovation trends shaping the industry

Key OTC pharma innovation trends shaping the industry. This scouting report shares Connociam’s insights and point of view on the main OTC pharma innovation trends. We have analyzed innovation drivers related to treatments, format, lifestyle and extended offering, and their prevalence across main OTC pharma categories.     In this report you will find interesting

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Forum for Innovation, Transformation and Excellence in Health and Social Sectors

The ITESSS Forum: define innovation lines within Integrated Healthcare

The ITESSS Forum is a forum of innovation and excellence in social services and healthcare. It is a tool that must facilitate the necessary conceptual debate for the transformation of the current social and healthcare models in favour of a new integrated healthcare model. The ITESSS Forum intends to help in the generation of knowledge and

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