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What is servitisation?

Connociam Basics: What is servitisation?

Connociam Basics: What is servitisation? Servitisation is a strategic innovation process.   Vandermerwe and Rada (1988) define servitisation as the process “in which companies consciously develop service offerings that support their products to gain competitive advantage.By adding services to core products already supplied, firms differentiate their offering from competitors, increasing customer dependency and establishing barriers

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Gillette Dollar Shave Club

The Dollar Shave Club has shaken Gillette business model…. Another digital revolution or Uberization?

US sales of Gillette are beginning to fall off. For years what has been one of the most powerful Mass Consumer brands, now seems to be suffering from a new competitor entering the market. In this case, the new competitor isn’t a product but is actually a new type of new business model.   Many

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