Supporting team transformation

According to your needs, we combine our advising offering with capabilities development, coaching or teaching. Our experience in capabilities development is strong and is an essential part of our projects. We deliver from inspiring lectures to co-development project formats.

Sometimes you are interested in making your team aware about the need to adapt to changes or to innovate. Some other times, your team needs to define a new solution to change the way you operate your business. We know how to make your team aware of the need for change, and it's not about using great PowerPoint presentations. We talk about Change Management and Transformation.

It is about making feel the need for change and creating together the new paradigm or model to follow. We use team workshops and experiences or audiovisual resources able of converting ideas and dreams into concrete and accepted steps for your organization.

With Innocoaching, for example, we co-develop (which means we support your team and actively help you to develop) a real project taking advantage of our coaching and expertise with regular hands-on sessions coupled with your company knowledge and passion. Your team learns on the job and they innovate a real project, all in one.?

With the Innovation Best Practices Exchange program, we provide space and tools to foster practical learning between executives involved in innovation challenges. This is an interactive forum to exchange practical learning on innovation management among a group of senior participants and experts sharing their own unique experiences and cases.

We develop Change Management and Transformation programs in the areas of Strategy and Commercial Model, Marketing, Branding, Innovation Management.

There are times when the strategy is clear, and you require support in the development of the capabilities of your team or, to provide support and coaching so that your team maximizes its potential in the development of a project. In this sense, you may ask yourself: how to improve my team's response capacity in innovation challenges? How to involve the team in defining a new effective Sales Model? How can we get marketing and sales working in the same direction? How to give timely and effective support to my team in the development of new initiatives or a specific project? ... Our extensive experience in projects, as managers and as coachers allows us to identify capabilities and provide highly effective support, development and change solutions for your organization.

Our job is to design organizations and train or coach high performance teams in the areas of Innovation, Commercial Strategy and Marketing.

Our methodology combines strong preparation, clear processes and assignments with creativity tools to foster active participation and practical results.

In many Transformation projects the workshop is used. It is a very good tool however it must be used properly to ensure its results are effective. Our methodology ensures the active participation and the adequate focus of the participants to provide tangible and practical results.

You know that defining, preparing, driving and extracting value from a workshop is not an easy task. Some work meetings are simply endless discussions or look like committees, while others present very superficial and unworkable results. When we were managers, we also felt frustrated by these results. This is why we created a structured and robust workshop methodology to ensure that results are clear, questions and challenges are properly defined, and that discussion and creativity are guided and not just “let free” to obtain desired results from participants. This is a right and proven blend to deliver an effective workshop.