Open Innovation with Henry Chesbrough at ESADE

Open Innovation is one of the key topics in Innovation Management and today is widely used across companies with very positive results. This concept “of opening innovation to external partners” was initially used by companies such as IBM or Lilly in their R&D and Innovation projects. Other companies soon followed suit. For instance, Procter & Gamble with their program Connect and Develop  with their program Connect and Develop, have integrated this concept into their corporate strategy. Nowadays, it is a commonly used concept in Innovation.

The term ‘Open Innovation’ was first coined by Professor Henry Chesbrough who, from 1997 to 2003, held the post of Assistant Professor at Harvard Business School, with a joint appointment in the area of Technology and Operations Management and in Entrepreneurial Management. Additionally, Professor Chesbrough has worked in various Fortune 500 companies in fields related to mass storage, application software, network and communications, and information services. He is also an expert in after-sales services, support to the copy industry and the impact of the Internet on the insurance industry.


Professor Chesbrough (BerkleyHaas University) actively participates in workshops and projects working on Open Innovation with universities and companies. As well as regularly teaching at ESADE, Henry Chesbrough also leads an Open Innovation Forum which keeps the topic constantly updated.

Connociam had the opportunity to participate in the 2013 EIF conference held at ESADE with professors Henry Chesbrough and Alexander Osterwalder. This conference provided the platform to share experiences of using Open Innovation in business model change and the new tools of the Business Model Canvas. It really was an excellent occasion to share authentic open Innovation cases from top companies and receive invaluable coaching from professor Henry Chesbrough.


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Xavier is an experienced executive, consultant and lecturer. He has worked over 15 years as marketer at Nestlé, Sara Lee and Panrico-Donuts, and over 10 years as Marketing Director and Board member, leading national and international teams. Since 2005 he has been acting as a consultant for several international growth projects. Between 2010 and 2015 he also acted as Innovation Leader at ESADECREAPOLIS, ESADE’s Collaborative Innovation Ecosystem. Since 1999, Xavier is also a renowned Marketing, Innovation and Branding lecturer at ESADE, as well as other international universities and companies. He participates in several entrepreneurship initiatives, as well. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Xavier es un experimentado directivo, asesor y profesor nacido en París y afincado en Barcelona. Ha trabajado más de 15 años como profesional del marketing y las ventas en Nestlé, Sara Lee y Panrico-Donuts, y más de 10 años como Director de Marketing y miembro del Comité de Dirección, liderando equipos nacionales e internacionales. Desde 2005 ha venido desarrollando su faceta de consultor y asesor en diversos proyectos internacionales de crecimiento. Entre 2010 y 2015 también lideró las actividades de Innovación y Emprendimiento de ESADECREAPOLIS, el centro de Collaborative Open Innovation de ESADE. Desde 1999, Xavier también es un reconocido profesor que imparte cursos de Innovación, Marketing y Branding en ESADE, así como en otras universidades internacionales y renombradas compañías. Además, Xavier participa en diversas iniciativas emprendedoras, como inversor y asesor experto o Professional Board Advisor.