more innovative


How can we help your company to be more innovative?

We provide Expert Assessment, develop Consulting projects and bring Support on different management areas in Innovation Strategy and Management, as well as Corporate Entrepreneurship

Sometimes you wonder, How can we innovate more successfully? Which new opportunities can we identify in our category? How can we use our capabilities to create new product offers? How can we break into a new category? How to bring ideas into market? How to improve team work in innovation projects?, as well as, how to be more entrepreneurial or disruptive in our approaches? … These are frequent questions asked by our clients when facing innovation. Our job is to help you in finding the right answer and support you in using this to deliver profitable growth to your business.

We have a wide experience leading innovation projects and ecosystems to develop new products and services, channel and business model innovation, or defining and managing Open Innovation systems and Corporate Entrepreneurship programs, especially in B2C sectors.

Therefore, we provide solutions to challenges in fields of Innovation and Entrepreneurship in terms of Strategic Consulting, Team Support and Capabilities Development. Some examples of areas in which we participate are:​

  • Building Corporate Innovation Strategy​
  • Defining and managing Corporate Entrepreneurship Model​
  • Identifying and mapping new Growth Opportunities​
  • Defining a new Category Entry Strategy​
  • Ideation and Concept Generation workshops​
  • Generating new Product and Service Ideas​
  • Applying Design Thinking to new projects​
  • Generating a new Business Model​
  • Concept fine-tuning and Co-creation​
  • Concept development and fine-tuning support​
  • Innovation Management Best Practices programs​
  • Innovation Process Development support​
  • Innovation Projects support and coaching​
  • New Projects introduction support​
  • Innovation Management training​
  • Concept Writing training​
  • Opportunity and Insights training​
  • Creativity Techniques workshop​
  • Workshops to align Marketing and R&D​