Innovation Best Practice Exchange Program

The first edition of the Innovation Best Practice Exchange program was held at Esadecreapolis to discuss key issues in innovation management. Among those attending were well-known companies such as Nestle, GallinaBlancaStar, BBVA, Acc10, Mitsubushi Electric, Hewlett-Packard, Danone and Abbott.

With the Innovation Best Practice Exchange program, Connociam provides space and tools to promote practical learning between executives involved in innovation challenges.


This interactive forum has been designed for groups of senior participants and experts to exchange practical learning on innovation management by sharing their own unique experiences and cases. Each session covers one subject and thus provides a deep understanding of the topic, this is fully complemented by top lecturers sharing real cases and experiences. Workshops and exercises organised during the sessions provide an opportunity to share, whilst preserving confidentiality, real experiences and learn from fellow participants. Session output is generated from practical experiences and is based on real and concrete topics, and questions put forward by participants.

With this practical format, the Innovation Best Practice Exchange program ensures an optimal combination of theory and business/management practice which is highly valued by participants. The 2012 Innovation Best Practice Exchange program content, co-designed with participants, includes sessions about Open Innovation, Entrepreneurship, Business Model, Opportunity Sizing and Innovation Metrics, among other topics.

The program is led by Xavier Lesauvage, Connociam’s founding partner and Innovation expert. With more than 20 years experience as an executive and consultant, Xavier brings a wealth of knowledge to the program and is also currently the Innovation Leader at Esadecreapolis and lecturer at ESADE Business School.

Designed by Connociam, the Innovation Best Practice Exchange program creates a unique learning experience which has also been adapted to provide tailored training for management teams on an individual company basis. The way the format is designed – combining theory, practical examples, and real cases with speakers, workshops and coaching – provides deep and practical innovation content and learning to empower participants to define and carry out their own projects enabling them to obtain outstanding results.


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Xavier is an experienced executive, consultant and lecturer. He has worked over 15 years as marketer at Nestlé, Sara Lee and Panrico-Donuts, and over 10 years as Marketing Director and Board member, leading national and international teams. Since 2005 he has been acting as a consultant for several international growth projects. Between 2010 and 2015 he also acted as Innovation Leader at ESADECREAPOLIS, ESADE’s Collaborative Innovation Ecosystem. Since 1999, Xavier is also a renowned Marketing, Innovation and Branding lecturer at ESADE, as well as other international universities and companies. He participates in several entrepreneurship initiatives, as well. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Xavier es un experimentado directivo, asesor y profesor nacido en París y afincado en Barcelona. Ha trabajado más de 15 años como profesional del marketing y las ventas en Nestlé, Sara Lee y Panrico-Donuts, y más de 10 años como Director de Marketing y miembro del Comité de Dirección, liderando equipos nacionales e internacionales. Desde 2005 ha venido desarrollando su faceta de consultor y asesor en diversos proyectos internacionales de crecimiento. Entre 2010 y 2015 también lideró las actividades de Innovación y Emprendimiento de ESADECREAPOLIS, el centro de Collaborative Open Innovation de ESADE. Desde 1999, Xavier también es un reconocido profesor que imparte cursos de Innovación, Marketing y Branding en ESADE, así como en otras universidades internacionales y renombradas compañías. Además, Xavier participa en diversas iniciativas emprendedoras, como inversor y asesor experto o Professional Board Advisor.