Help to sell more


How can we help your company to sell more?

We provide ad-hoc solutions to your sales challenges.​We develop projects in all areas related to sales strategy.​We provide solutions to any food and beverage company that wants to sell efficiently and successfully in the Food Service marketplace.​

Thanks to our experience in managing big sales teams, we can design all kinds of business and commercial strategies, regardless of the category in which you operate.​
We help answer questions such as:​ Which is the purchase driver for my category in this channel?​ Is it the same for all subchannels?​ My current clients, why do they choose me?​ Can I provide innovative solutions for a mature channel? ​Do I know the shopper of my product category and do I offer what they need?​ Do I have the right route to market for my category in all subchannels, and if I have it, should it be the same for everyone?​ Is my product operating in all channels it should be? Am I informing the customer about​
my product?….​ We can help you manage many of the tried and tested strategies to generate business in your company.

The sale process occurs from first having the product until the “shopper” buys it, and we will help you choose the best model for your company.​

Some examples from the areas we work in are:

  • ​Ad Hoc studies to explore the potential market of your company in Foodservice​
  • Ad Hoc Studies to meet drivers purchase of its category for subchannels​
  • Support channel / customer segmentation​
  • Moving from a descriptive segmentation to a segmentation based on Shopper Insights​
  • Commercial driving projects to achieve excellence at the point of sale
  • Project changes to adapt your company to new management models
  • Moving from selling product strategy to getting the shopper to choose your product at the point of sale​
  • Reorganization of commercial structures to adapt to the current marketplace and optimize sales forces and resources used​
  • Clarifying roles, functions and responsibilities