expert network

Based in Europe with global coverage


Growth projects may have a local scope, but in most cases they require an international strategy development to capture value.

We are a boutique with an extensive network of international experts and professionals. Based in Barcelona, a perfect place to inspire an innovation ecosystem, we serve clients all over Europe and deliver projects world-wide with international coverage.

We are used to working with international teams based in different locations in a flexible and efficient approach. Our international profiles help to identify and validate regional insights to ensure project richness.

Most of our projects have an international scope. We have worked on projects in Europe, America and Asia, and often our missions embrace a region or several countries.

Our Eco-System

With today’s complexity in marketing and innovation projects, an expert network is essential. So we have developed close relationships with a number of complementary providers who we know can deliver the quality levels our costumers deserve.

This ensures we can bring together the optimal team profile required for each project.