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On this blog, Connociam’s team publishes ideas, news, methodologies and interesting cases related to strategy and management in Sales, Marketing and Innovation areas.​

Content is addressed to executives and managers seeking practical ideas and fresh approaches that can be applied within their companies.​

Articles are published in English as well as in Spanish (use right button to see them) independently. Content of both blogs is not necessarily the same, as some post are published in English and others in Spanish. Have a look at the Spanish blog! Where you can also get interesting ideas!​

We hope you enjoy the contents of the Blog of Connociam and that it will provide useful and inspiring information for the management of your organisation. Do not hesitate to share the content of the Blog of Connociam Blog with the people you consider appropriate.

The Blog of Connociam collects articles published since 2009 in its different pages.

The content of this blog has been developed by the team of Connociam and close collaborators. The published information is solely the responsibility of its own authors.The Blog of Connociam team.