2018 most read articles

2018 most read articles


In Connociam we had a very interesting year, a year of growth and changes; among others, we have opened new offices in Barcelona after the merger with Ignite, and our team has been strengthened with relevant profiles. Moreover, we came to 2019 with great shape and enthusiasm to continue knowing, connecting, co-creating, and supporting the creation of value for our clients.


During this past year we have shared with you interesting articles from our team, or prominent experts, who have focused on relevant issues of strategy, innovation and sales.


These are our most read articles during 2018, which we hope you find interesting, either to retrieve them after a first read when they were published, or to discover them now!


Is there such a thing as a digital Transformation methodology?

Xavier Ferràs explains in his article how to approach the digital transformation of organizations; It does so through three steps that can help us systematize this important advance.

Is there such a thing as a digital Transformation methodology?


Effective Innovation: “12 initiatives for booting your company’s innovation outcomes”

This one is a six-hand written post by Xavier Lesauvage, Xavier Ferràs and Joan Vinyets. A post that aims to share the learning of the authors during years of support in innovation processes of multiple companies to serve as a guide for effective innovation.

Effective innovation: 12 initiatives for boosting your company’s innovation outcomes


Trends analysis as a tool to drive innovation

Analyzing trends is a very effective way to explore innovation, but not any change can be considered a trend. Xavier Lesauvage explain in his post how to detect and use trends to effectively drive innovation.

Trend Analysis as a Tool to Drive Innovation


CEO dilemma: if my company has been in the comfort zone for decades how can I make my organization more customer centric and innovative?

In the market, in the times we are living, all companies are feeling the need to evolve to be more competitive, but a lot of big, well stablish companies struggle to change its course to be more innovative. Xavier Lesauvage gives us some answers to important questions that this companys’ CEO’s can have.

CEO dilemma: if my company has been in the comfort zone for decades how can I make my organization more Customer Centric and innovative?


We hope you have enjoyed this content and we are committed to continue creating interesting content during this 2019,


Have a great Year!


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En Connociam ayudamos las organizaciones a solucionar retos complejos de negocio mediante la definición e implementación de estrategias centradas en el cliente. Entendemos el cliente, definimos la mejor solución estratégica y acompañamos al equipo para asegurar la consecución de los mejores resultados. Proporcionamos soluciones a preguntas estratégicas de negocio, marketing, innovación y ventas de forma práctica, centrada en el cliente y orientada a resultados. Connociam, conocemos, conectamos, cocreamos y acompañamos en la creación de valor. At Connociam, we help organizations solve complex business challenges by defining and implementing customer centric strategies. We understand the client, we define the best strategic solution and we guide the team to ensure the achievement of the best results. We provide solutions to strategic questions of business, marketing, innovation and sales in a practical way, focused on the client and oriented to results. Connociam, we know, we connect, we co-create and we accompany in the creation of value.

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