ideation stream

Practical ideation is at the base of our know-how and it is often used in our projects 


We can use ideation techniques to generate new product ideas, new services offerings, new channel approaches, new organizational models, new training methodologies or contents, new ways to enter a category or a market, new route-to-market or business models for your company, or how to help you to implement Change Management. This is a key asset of our offering and the reason why we bring innovative solutions to your business challenges.

Today, there are several ideation methodologies available. As innovation experts we do not use only one approach. We have a set of options we activate and combine according to your needs and requirements.

Depending on the type of challenge a traditional brainstorm can be useful. In some other cases, a SCAMPER based workshop will be perfect, or an Abstraction exercise is required. Provocation can also be a good way to trigger your creativity … just to name a few that may be familiar. Creativity is a rich and broad universe that needs to be organized and tailored to be effective and deliver profitable innovation.

Quite often, our clients are willing to generate a new product or service concept to introduce in the marketplace. A general approach for this type of challenge is the Concept Generation Stream or CGS .

This is a unique methodology we have developed that integrates several techniques and tools to build Opportunity Platforms. Based on these we can generate New Ideas and then work out Refined Concepts. The final delivery is a Concept Platform Road Map to organize your market introductions in coming years. This methodology has been applied by our expert network in over a 100 cases in different categories (i.e. food and beverage, beer and spirits, cosmetics, OTC medicines, toys, foot wear or insurance…) with proven, successful results.

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